We have highlighted writes Dr.

25 April 2019 Bllog

The recent Ministerial Instructions for handicapped children and transition classes apply to remedy the evil, and they do so by an official reference to our teaching, the only one to date that does not just advice and verbiage. Advocate for education, even enter into the details of techniques and tools recommended is certainly a first step which we do not underestimate the importance. But to get into the practice of our theoretical guidance classes of these instructions is a tricky business otherwise why unprepared for new designs Educators need examples, efficiency and success elements of a certainty today we can give them. For the qualities and diversity of its staff, the Freinet school can be seen as the School deviation classes Transition and Development. Usually, in fact, one is for the Freinet School in hopeless cases: – When one realizes that the child, 9 or 10 years, will not face the normal education, and that it takes each year an increasingly worrisome school late. – When the child, because of this “misfires” – absolutely no longer wants to discuss school work; – it is constantly distracted and absent; – he does not want to read; – that he is interested in anything; – and that as a result of his failure permanent, and for other reasons too, physiological or psychological, it is nervous, dissipated, unbearable, constantly punished, and eventually junk account for a whole class; – it is therefore increasingly associal; it becomes coarse, committing thefts that seem to promise a bad boy’s fate. – When this fact is aggravated, for dyslexics, especially by school complications resulting from this anomaly considered alas! as a defect, and for the healing of which we try all sorts of treatments that only aggravate the case. – When the family is disunited – which is, alas! increasingly frequent and that results in the child an insecurity that causes serious disorders in which the school will have to consider in the search for new labor standards. – When these children generally have suffered so much from school as they have an unhealthy obsession. The unpacking of the school will be an urgent educational need. Well, apart from some natural elements and surnormaux benefiting doubling our teaching, the child audience that we have to deal with the Freinet school, the very one that people all special schools where reform had to include some form new education – ours. What to normalize mental and school life of these children? We will place here in exactly the position in doctors who treat the best patients that leads to them but that do not fail to tell parents and educators they have a duty to prevent these defects and demand in the fixes and remedies. Health – First Since the creation of the School Freinet, we sought a synthesis of the most favorable factors to the health and welfare of children (1). The fate of education not only plays at the School. Education is always a whole, including the processes and school practices are only one element. The basis of a good education is always the health, balance, life. If the child is physiologically patient, if it is excessively nervous, if there are transient or permanent pain, if it still has a reduced portion of vitality, just sufficient for the elementary processes of life, it no longer remains available to be interested in other physical and mental problems. *** In our ongoing research we have experienced two scientific innovations that are experiencing growing success – the water vibrated Marcel Violet – the Aurelle Dr. Tomatis. Let us pause a moment on those inventions that have already been proven: 1) Water vibrated. The electro-vibrated water by Marcel Violet process is not a medicine but a food that provides energy to the body, in homeopathic form, essential to its balance trace elements. When subjected to the water to the action of one metal electrode connected to the transmitter unit patented Marcel Violet, the electrode begins to melt in trace amounts in water. The water treated by the various electrodes (copper, iron, magnesium, nickel, silver, gold, etc …) has an accelerating and balancing action of the organic process at the same time it strengthens the defense reactions. Irrational diet and forged our modern world more concerned with trade as hygiene, exposes the body to serious deficiencies and especially in; the child who, in formation, needs a balanced diet. In hospitals, the various communities, the vibrated water undeniable product benefits. For three years we consume the water vibrated joined our naturist regime, we obtained a significant improvement in the general health status, and in the opinion of doctors our children are in excellent health. But there is even better: the psychological climate of the community of children is excellent. We can say that we no longer have any concern or any trouble with our big boys that are a nice trade (2). 2) Aurelle, according to the findings of the Tomatis D (3). Dr. Tomatis has made a number of discoveries we summarize here because we believe essential for the renovation of our education. a) We talk as we hear. This principle is also entirely consistent with our theory Experimental Trial and error. The child improves and adapts its language as the medium in which it is immersed. It is only by experimental adjustment as it learns with unfailing safety – in a natural way – the language of his parents, with all its most subtle features. We have also not true organ of speech (there are experimental multiple organ competition), then we have a very specialized body for the hearing. The result, which is valuable for the educator that most language disorders – we should say all – are hearing origin, and that treatment of certain defects of language implies treatment of hearing . “We have highlighted writes Dr. Tomatis, the fact that it can be introduced in the hearing of our own speech delays that we have referred to as” physiological delayed feed back “. They explain in large part arrhythmias including stutters. Techniques that tend to eliminate these delays lead disappearance of the observed disorders. ” b) On these principles, Dr. Tomatis has developed a device: Electronic Ear, the name of the Aurelle. With this device, and through mechanisms similar to those employed in audiovisual laboratories, the child speaks into a microphone and hear it under the helmet. Only the voice he hears is not strictly the voice that issued it is improved in voice intonation with all desirable qualities. By trial and error, it automatically adjusts got it homework help
its voice on the voice he hears model and can make great progress (I’m simplifying explanations and apologize). c) Ear Director: Dr. Tomatis also discovered that each individual has a guiding lug which can be the right or left, right responsive to the reflex from the left side of the body and vice versa. Now the audiogram shows that, in some individuals, there is overlap between right ear and left ear Director Director, as if there was a crossing of nerves whose influence on the balance – say space – can be considerable. With Aurelle reduces the overlap and restores the ear director full function, which leads to a new and beneficial balance. Here we come to dyslexia Aurelle which facilitates processing. “There are still says Dr. Tomatis – that we forgive our assertion that we want formal – a dominant Director ear in self-listening to the language that sees its functional specification will develop parallel to the language, and we take for so important in the acquisition of the man standing, the deflection of the head, the opposition of the thumb.